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Other Halves on Tour - Families Who Live with Dementia

group of older people walking
Wednesday 18 October 2017
11am to 1pm
Braintree area

Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club
Church Road
Hatfield Peverel

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Other Halves provides companionship and support for those close to people living with dementia.

I am Jackie. 

I have a partner who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I have found there is very little support to help partners to deal with the burden; there is plenty of advice and information, plenty of understanding of the needs of people living with dementia but little to help carers with their needs.
It can be very isolating and depressing saying goodbye to the life we knew together and tedious living with someone who has a decreasing memory. Carers live with limited yesterday and no tomorrow, it is difficult to make plans. We live in the moment.
I have the support of friends and family which is invaluable; but increasingly I felt the need to be with others who understand the pressures. So the idea of Other Halves began to grow. Just a bunch of us without professional support, sharing the making of memories and enjoying being together and doing all those things that make life feel good.
Other Halves meet regularly in and around Chelmsford for coffee, crafts, petanque, pub lunches, visits to gardens and garden centres, and birthday and special anniversary celebrations that now maybe forgotten.

As part of Art of the Possible, we are taking Other Halves on tour. Join us as we venture into Hatfield Peverel – why not join us for a coffee, cakes and conversation?