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Viell drop-in exhibition

Visual artwork
Saturday 28 October 2017
11am to 5pm
Chelmsford area

Burgess Springs (off Victoria Road South)

This is a drop-in event so there is no need to book

The exhibition showcases a temporary video and sound installation created by artist Nayan Kulkarni in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University School of Architecture students which explores Chelmsford as a cinematic image space. The installation will be based on the archive of material collected by students in Chelmsford over the course of one day using video and sound recording equipment. The project concerns mapping and new ways of looking at space and the city.

This exhibition previews a permanent artwork commissioned from Nayan Kulkarni by Genesis Housing Association, due to be installed in Central Chelmsford in autumn 2018. For Viell the artist will use cinematic quality robotic cameras to create a permanent video wall for Chelmsford which explores the relationship between contemporary urban surveillance and mobile video devices. Viell will layer live streams onto the video wall, as it changes so will the artwork: from day to night, the changing seasons and its effects on the soft landscaping and nature, and pedestrian movements framed by the surrounding buildings. In certain conditions the live streams will be transformed into more abstract and interactive imagery through feeding them into each other creating dancing feedback revealing the medium that transfers the images.


The exhibition provides an opportunity to meet Nayan Kulkarni who will explain the ideas, design development and complex technologies behind Viell and other artworks.


Image credit: Video projection, Nayan Kulkarni, 2017