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"We will do it together”: A new social contract for Essex

man placing pieces into a giant jigsaw
Monday 16 October 2017
12.30pm to 2pm
Chelmsford area

Room C326 County Hall
Market Road

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Join Collaborate on the 16th October as they host a discussion on what a new social contract could look like for Essex, and how can this be brought to life.

They'll draw on their place-based change expertise, and draw on their recent work in Essex about bringing the Essex Vision to life. 

Demand for public services is rising. Social challenges are growing ever more complex, and the financial constraints faced by public institutions are growing.

  • Local public services can no longer look to national politics for answers: the challenge – and the opportunity – is local.
  • Local government and local public services in places up and down the country are designing their own futures.

Our institutions need to change, but more fundamentally so does the social contract that underpins place, people and public services.

With the best will in the world, public sector strategies such as inclusive growth, healthcare reform, and community engagement will fail without building a new social contract that blurs the line between:

  • social purpose
  • economic progress
  • public service

Public services must show leadership in meeting the challenges communities face and develop strong relationships that cut across services and sectors, build capacity within communities and embed a new way of working with and understanding the communities they support. 

Essex has made huge progress when it comes to exploring a new model of public services, and the Essex Vision is an important part of imagining that future.

Now is the time to ask: What is Essex’s version of a new social contract that will fundamentally shift outcomes and ensure Essex is a place fit for the future? 

Essex Vision:

“The purpose of The Future of Essex is to give all the many, different communities, groups and businesses of Essex a way to collaborate in planning our future. To unite us. To set out the kind of Essex we want to live in. To transcend short-term agendas and move us towards the big things that matter to all of us. To take our pride in our county, and channel it for the good of everyone.”

Elected member, North of England:

“Our communities aren’t stupid. They can see what goes on around them and what is on the news. We need to get better at working with them to give them different possibilities.”