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It's only impossible until you ask

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Wednesday 26 July 2017


Thinking about hosting an event but not sure how?

Join us live on Twitter between 10:00 and 10:45 on Tuesday 1 August. We'll answer your questions to help you decide if you can make your idea possible.

Meet our host

Hi, I’m Michael and I have been involved with The Art of the Possible Festival for the past two years.

What I really enjoy about the Festival this year is the way it is looking to celebrate the people, places and passion that make Essex a great place to live. As someone who lives in Essex the Festival really is an opportunity to showcase the great work that is going on in our communities. There is still time to get involved.

Feel free to join in and ask any questions you might have. You are welcome to join in at any time during the live chat and you don't have to stay for the whole session. I look forward to answering your questions so don't be afraid to ask!

How will the live chat work?

We will be live from 10:00 Tuesday morning and finish at 10:45. You can tweet us a question during that time for us to answer. We anticipate high tweet volumes but will try to answer as many questions as we can.

After the live chat a recap of all questions and answers will be provided.

How can I join in?

If you are a twitter user you can;

  • tweet your question using the Twitter handle @ArtotPossible and #aotP2017 between 10:00 and 10:45.
  • Search #aotP2017 on Twitter to follow the conversation.
  • direct message a question in advance to @ArtotPossible. Please send questions by midday on 31 July to be asked in the live chat.

I'm not a Twitter user, can I join in?

If you are not a twitter user you can sign up to join Twitter or email us a question at