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Let’s find out about Theatre for Change

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Friday 29 September 2017

Who are we?

Our story started when we met as Primary School teachers in 2008 and we set up an After School Drama club which quickly grew and had over 60 members. With our passion for teaching and learning and recognising the power of drama, the idea of ‘Pop Up Drama’ began …

Having both come from a drama, performing and education background our vision was to set up a drama company that could be taken to any space, delivering inspiring projects.

In 2014, this vision became a reality!


Pop Up Drama:

We deliver drama workshops to all ages across Essex and other parts of the country. We teach drama skills, theatre games, voice and movement as well as developing speaking and listening, sometimes based on a chosen text, theme or issue.  Workshops are carefully structured to raise self-esteem and confidence as well as complementing children and young people’s learning in school.

We use Augusto Boal techniques including Forum Theatre in our ‘Theatre for Change’ projects. During these projects, we work on building trust and exploring issues, using specialist drama strategies to enable the participants to ‘rehearse’ at life and make changes. For good.

Check out our event for this year's Art of The Possible

Good Morning Youth Theatre

We run Good Morning Youth Theatres before school time so that children can start their day with energy, eagerness and confidence.


Pop Up Training:

We also deliver the following training sessions to adults: Developing a Growth Mindset, Motivating Learners, English and Drama, Being ready to learn.



We are always excited by the prospect of working in collaboration with other artists and organisations. We are currently working in partnership with:


  • The Children’s University
  • Essex Libraries
  • Craftshop Workshop and Lloyd Warbey (Disney’s Art Attack)
  • Essex County Council - Art of The Possible

"With our passion for teaching and learning and recognising the power of drama, the idea of ‘Pop Up Drama’ began …"