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Missed our live Twitter chat?

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Michael Plant, one of the Art of the Possible event organisers, hosted our first Twitter live chat. He answered questions that had been sent to us, as well as, tweets that came in during the session.

Below is a round up of the questions asked or you can see the full conversation on Twitter by searching #AotP2017


Q1 What is Art of the Possible?

A1 Art of the Possible is about celebrating great work going on in communities, work that seeks to strengthen and connect people. 


Q2 I am part of singing club, is there a way we can get involved? We meet every week near Maldon but would like to get involved if we can.

A2 Have you heard of Essex Activities? Register your club, then we'll promote it as part of Art of the Possible or email


Q3 I'm still confused, tell me how I could be a part of Art of the Possible. I go to a craft group.

A3 Are you involved in any community groups? If yes we'd love to hear from you.  We can help promote your group via Essex Activities plus perhaps you could run an event to encourage new members. We have masterclasses which local groups can sign up for to get expert advice on how to use social media, marketing, etc


Q4 How do I find a venue? 

A4 Try checking venues in your local area or parish. Ask in your local groups on Facebook/Twitter if anyone can help too.


Q5 I'm not sure if my event fits in with the festival, can you help?

A5 If you are part of a club or group that meets regularly we can promote it through Art of the Possible. You need to add an event on Essex Activities.


Q6 If I've got an idea for an event at Art of the Possible, what do I need to do to get involved?

A6 You can submit your idea or email us at